About Me, the 2017 Edition

Actually – a lot has changed me this year.

Soooooo…..what does 2017 bring? A lot of worry. Worried about my dad, and my “husband.” (Sorry social security, we’re not legally wed but it feels like it)

We are holding on, but it’s hard right now. The VA is an ugly monster that I want to kill.

Ok…One thing I DO NOT DO are New Years resolutions.

What am I listening to lately? Lots of The Damned. I’m seeing them April 14. Joy Division/New Order, Sex Pistols, PiL (Public Image Limited), The Smiths/Morrissey, Voodoo Church, Sisters of Mercy (NOT gothic! Sorry I agree with Andrew), Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Fall, PJ Harvey (before she got political), and various other gothic/deathrock/occult metal, like Purson or Blood Ceremony.

SIDE NOTE: Even though I voted for legalization of marijuana in Oregon, I now regret it because it has ruined things for medical patients. We can only get certain things now. Dabs are still allowed. Most edibles aren’t. The dosed up sodas are gone. Even the pot they sell has lower THC levels now. It’s frustrating. The only good thing about it is that my husband can go buy marijuana without me if I’m gone. I guess we’re lucky because we have it at all.


I do plan on doing more things this upcoming year. I’ll be a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, so I’ll have those functions to do. Pretty excited for my initiation coming up. 🙂

Occult Bits

Since my apprentice is really into the Goetic Demons, I’ll be getting more in this direction. I always stayed on the Dukante hierarchy, because I thought there were just too many Goetic Demons. I thought it too daunting of a task. I have new things that I’ve added to Lucifthan. We have a new invocational sigil that works a shit-ton better than the DZ symbol. I was given it by Lucifuge Rofocal. Lucifthan is NOT a “traditional/generational” group. So don’t give me any bollocks about it.

Everything I do now with my apprentice and initiate is different from the Demonolatry books. We basically do things by instinct and feeling. But there is a structure to hang onto. We’re not a roaming zombie group that doesn’t know what we’re doing. My apprentice and initiate have learned through my teaching to try things, intuitively. Report back to me, and see if we need changes. We have not have had any failures yet. Everything seems to work very well. For instance, I want to have more dreams plus remember them, so I got Decarabia’s sigil and put it in an envelope and placed it in my pillowcase. Lo and behold, it worked! This sigil was my apprentices idea!

I have regular work now. I have no problem with people who come to me. I’m NOT looking for anymore students, however.




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