Some things about my “love spells”

If you come to me for love magic, please be as “transparent” as possible. Oooh, the fancy new term everyone is using now. I need ALL the details of yourself and the details of your life. I have to be purposefully nosy. Sorry, that’s the magic worker’s job. I’m going to want a “taglock” from you, like a small lock of hair, or blood on a tissue. It’s great if you can get something of the person that you want. If it’s that kind of love working.

For those who want soulmates and long distance relationships: This work is a lot more difficult, and a lot harder to predict. I really cannot guarantee anything. I have a special Demonic working for true love work. Long distance work, you will have to be really certain about the person. And I can try to link you together. Just no promises. All magic is not guaranteed.

You have to stay in contact with me during the work. You can’t just leave me hanging. Email, text or phone. I send photos of all my work, including active altars.

You cannot, absolutely – cannot have someone else or yourself doing work when I am. You hire me, I work for you. That’s the exchange. No one else needs to tinker with your life but me.

Most love work is done with Mama Chola Wengue, but I also work with a few love Demons. Offerings will be needed from you to them while I work. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to offer.

I can do break up/divorce work fairly well. Love swings in both directions eh? LOL.

Most, not if all of my work has been worth the price to most of my customers.



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