Been Studying

At this time, I’ve been studying my year and thinking about all the crazy-ness it has had. It’s had it’s up’s and downs. This month is the 10th anniversary of my mother’s passage. It’s a grim reminder for me. I wish I didn’t remember sometimes. But such is life. You have to deal with it’s good memories and not so good ones.

I’ve been doing a lot of customer work as well as work with my apprentice. She is doing very well. Her approach is different, but for her, it works. And I see it working, so I’m not going to tell her to do anything differently or “my way or the highway.” I’m not like that on my students. They each have individual freedoms when working with the Demonic. As long as it’s not rude, or distasteful to me or the Demons, it’s all fine and good.

I’m open to one physical customer right now. Over the holidays, I don’t take a lot of customers due to family stuff. If I don’t have family stuff, I’ll sometimes work on the holidays.

Tomorrow is a really spiritual day for me, so I’ll likely post again.


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