Spirit Pots Are Not For Fun

I’m getting a lot of hits on my Spirit Pot topic. Surely, I should say more about them, since curiosity has peaked. I think that a numerous amount of people are not building them or doing it right. I guess the Armchair Theorists are bored, or they think to well of themselves and can’t do this “kitchen witchery.” Bollocks! It’s not “kitchen witchery” or “hoodoo” or whatever! And it surely is NOT Palo Mayombe. As a member of a Palo munanso, I know the clear differences between ngangas and Spirit Pots. They are very different, but a few things are similar.

I’ve only seen a few people bite with some kind of reaction. I have received no questions on Spirit Pots. I’ve seen some things online, but not much. Most people do not understand what I’m writing about. NO ancestors go into a Spirit Pot! I find it ridiculous when I see people thinking about doing this. Having a Spirit Pot is about getting a muerto/a who is NOT related to you. Sure, you do have ancestors watching over you, you can build a boveda/ancestor altar and honor them there. I did suggest maintaining an active boveda. These are more special, they do have a Santeria origin, but I know a lot of Palero/as keep a boveda. It’s almost the same as an ancestor altar, except for a few things…like 5-9 wine glasses of water. Must be cleaned and maintained twice a week.

Spirit Pots require creativity, using your wits to find objects to put in your pot. In my posts, I have given examples already, so just go to search on here and search Spirit Pots. I’ve done the best I can, published a book, warned about the dangers of Spirit Pots, and the benefits of Spirit Pots. I’ll share some photos again, so that you guys know what Spirit Pots look like, in case you don’t search very well.

furtherawaypot First Spirit Pot, in a clay pot, no Palos (sticks). This is OPTIONAL. The white disc is a Necromantic Lamen that I made to invoke the Death Energies.

spiritpot 003 Second Spirit Pot, in cast iron, with Palos. The ingredients are rather secret. But it got odor to it, so I had to get rid of this pot. The other one is closed too.

So, Spirit Pots are not done at your leisure. They are serious magical tools. There are commitment rituals, and retiring rituals for your pot. You must release the Dead.

Peeps. Spirit Pots mean business. If you are chicken shit, don’t come to me. I didn’t invent them. This all applies to Spirit Boxes also.


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