Great Spiritual Day

Since I’ve been working with my new apprentice, I’ve been working with some Demons I’ve not ever worked with before. I never even considered the Goetic Kings. Wow. I was not very knowledgeable or flexible. Now I can look back and see how I fucked up. I’m not saying that I’ve changed my religion – I am allowed to do whatever I want. I can work with the Kimpungulu and the Demons. Different energies. Excellent learning for myself and my student. She’s very hands on and crafty, which is awesome. I can make candles, oils, incenses and baths. But if there is sewing, forget that. She into needle point which I really wish I could do. Bad vision and stupid fumbling fingers doesn’t help.

So, yesterday was particularly spiritual. I changed the water on my boveda, talked and prayed. I got tons of bubbles in the wineglasses. Good sign. Now next for you all is a testimonial regarding my magical work. 🙂





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