New Video: A Outcry For Strength For Our Veterans Who Have Chronic Pain

Obviously, this is NOT an occult video, but I would appreciate it if anyone who stumbles upon my blog to PLEASE watch it. It’s 21 minutes long, but this cruel, uncouth treatment of the Veteran’s Administration upon my husband is something that should not have happened. Please, I know there are Afghanistan/Iraq soldiers who have came home that are being mistreated by the VA as well as our other beloved soldiers in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II (not many left). I watched my husband needlessly SELF-DETOX from opiate medication, not even under the supervision of his doctor at the Eugene clinic. My mother in law and I had to take him 78 miles down state to the Roseburg VA hospital to get care for him. This shouldn’t be happening, folks. Real people – real pain. And why do our Vets have to go far for treatment if in an emergency? Of course if it was really bloody or something, we’d obviously would call an ambulance. But we would be stuck with an enormous bill because the hospital does not allow VA patient’s insurance in my state. Please help me fight the system. It’s happening EVERYWHERE. Even with regular internal medicine doctors, pain specialists, etc. It’s because the doctors are too frightened of what will happen, they all  assume people will misuse the opiates. What happened to monitoring patients? Too busy, correct? Then hire some goddamned assistants!! Sorry for my rant, friends. Also, if I repeat myself, sorry for that too. 😦 Sorry for the audio, some people can hear it, some people have said they can’t. The audio on my laptop is iffy. As is the rest this machine, for that matter.


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  1. Dear Jen,

    Hearing and seeing your video just breaks my heart and I’m in tears for you both right now.😭😭😭.
    I empathise completely with anybody who suffers from chronic pain because as you know I suffer from it myself. The difference being is that my pain is now being treated appropriately and I’m not a Returned Vet either of course and I don’t live in the USA.

    I’ve been prescribed various opiates over the years including OxyContin, Tramadol, MS Contin, Panadeine Forte and oxycodone for breakthrough pain etcera etc ad infinitum. However I’ve never had morphine shots apart from being in hospital when the pain gets out of control.

    Doctors here too are virtually afraid of prescribing them now and I’m only on them because they were originally prescribed by the top specialist in our state. But now the Government here too are trying to get people off it and not allowing them. Why? Because they assume like you said that everybody is going to end up a drug addict. No..wrong! We just need pain relief because without it I know from experience how one’s quality of life deteriotes in every way. How can it not? When a person is suffering. Your husband sounds so brave Jen!

    Chronic pain is the most undertreated and under researched medical issue in the world. I can’t believe your husband wasn’t detoxed in hospital though. I was but in my case it was to come off OxyContin to be put on another opiate medication called Fentanyl patches. With these now I don’t need to use my friend “herb” very often, lol, only when really needed and/or for occult reasons too.
    What many Drs. do here with chronic pain patients is what’s called “opiate rotation”. As Drs.realise now know that after a few years they no longer work as the brain gets too used to the opiate prescribed. Therefore it no longer works on the pain anymore. Then they put you on a new one.

    Fentanyl patches are really good and may help your husband perhaps? You wear a patch for 3 days and the drug fentanyl is slowly released into your body for pain relief. They range from 25mcg to 100mcg. For me they’ve been the best opiate med so far. I also take lyrica too. The problem with lyrica is that it only works on approximately 30% of patients. I’m lucky that I’m one of them but sounds like their no good for your husband either. I’m really sorry to hear that he has an ulcer too.

    I’ve heard and read so many times over the years that returned Veterans are not treated very well in the U.S.A. and it’s so damn wrong!!! I sincerely hope that you both get the chance to tell your story on TV soon and I hope it helps you both. Your poor husband has been treated appallingly IMHO.
    Here in Australia our Veterans are treated very well indeed. That’s why I was quite shocked to hear that he hasn’t seen a neurologist or an orthopaedic surgeon and so many other needed specialists. I would go crazy myself if that was me or my husband too.

    Here in Australia we have Medicare which covers every single Australian with or without Health Insurance. The US system needs a complete overhaul from what I’ve seen on TV and read about from others.
    I wish that there was something I could do to help you with this issue and if I lived closer I would certainly give you a lift in my car anytime.

    I certainly hope that your story gets on TV asap! Please let me know the link after its gone to air so that I can see it too. Things certainly need a shakeup over there and with the election looming that’s for sure.

    I will write more to more to you via email ok. You and your husband are both in my prayers too.
    Also don’t worry about it not being an occult post this time because the reality is we are all still living in this 3 dimensional corrupt world where greed reins free and compassion for so many is lost.

    I haven’t written a blog for ages myself or even checked my own blog on here either on WordPress. Sometimes our concerns in the mundane world can over ride what we want to do in the magickal realm. Late this week I hope to be able to do a full 3 hour magickal working without interruption down at our beach starting at midnight. But like you I have other important things to deal with right now as its been a tough couple of months. That’s why it’s been quiet from me for awhile.

    My husband watched your video after I did and wants me to tell you that he sincerely wishes you both all the best and that its just not fair that you have to drive over 70 miles away to the hospital to get any sort of help. We both believe that like all Veterans he deserves the best health care after being so breve for his country. He truly sounds like such a brave man!!!

    Hang in there both of you and I’m sure that you will get justice done for your husband’s healthcare! Sometimes we have to really fight to get what should truly be ours. Please give him all our best and that he is in our thoughts and prayers that he gets some pain relief asap!!!

    Take care,
    Blessings & love,


    1. Thank you both, you and your husband. ❤ I'm hoping we can somehow get some help. Unfortunately Tom is too sensitive for Lyrica. It would affect his mind too much. It can cause suicidal thoughts, and he has those already. The doctors never considered a Fentynal patch. I can't even be around Fentynal, I'm very allergic to it. Found that out after a surgery I had. The docs always say "Isn't Morphine and Oxycodone mind altering?" It's like, "No, because I don't have as much pain. I can think now." They don't understand it at all. The docs just want the money in their pocket and they don't care about the welfare of their patients or even looking after them on a pain contract is too much for them. It's just frustrating. Hope we get on TV. I'll put up a link if I get one!


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