Random Ramblings: The Veil & Questions, The Goverment Sucks

Boy, it’s that time of year again! The veil is thinning very quickly as we approach Samhain and the Day of the Dead. I felt random spirits lately. Watching a movie, looking at a dead actress, suddenly feeling her spirit flow through me as I connected to her eyes in the film. I got chills and felt the presence go through me. It freaks me out. I exclaimed to my husband, “God I hate feeling spirits!” He said lovingly, “Do you want me to change the channel?” I said, “No, I’m good.” I wasn’t though. I was really awakened. I gave my ancestors their light and water today and I feel their presence too. My grandpa Ben, who I never met…he died before I was born. I felt him today. He was a machinist. I know little about him because my dad doesn’t even know anything about his own dad. Things on that side of my family are a little shady. Come to think of it, same on the other side.

Hate to say it, my dad admitted to being a con, always being a con. I identify, but I never con anyone because I hate liars with a passion. I only am against the government, much like my father. Sorry this is a rant…I have to deal with how poorly the Veterans Administration takes care of my “significant other” fucking bastards. We have been together long enough to be married but we never wed legally. I’m dependent on the fucking government just like my man. That’s why I HATE them. I don’t care who knows either.

Anyway, back to spirits and ancestors…<sigh>Even if your ancestors are/were bad, it doesn’t mean that you leave them out of light and elevation of spirit. If the person was a deplorable human being, you don’t have to represent them on your altar. Just allow them to elevate. This bastard hurt me, but elevate him because its for the good of ones soul. For the toughies out there, just fucking forget the reasons you hate this person. Tell them to go to hell, but elevate the fuck out of my life. Do it once. Then let it go.

No, I don’t take crazy pills. Wanna mental health release form?

Separate part of this post — Strange questions I saw on searches…

Those asking if they can use shea butter instead of holy water? WTF???? Where did this idea come from? Nope, you can’t replace it.

Already did a post on Mama Chola….



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