Tried to be Honest

I tried to be honest here about my practices, but later on, after my post about Demons…the deleted one…I didn’t feel right that I shared my information, even though I talked to Lucero first and he said it was okay to say online. I felt that I might get some stupid comments, or some High Falutin’ Demonolator visit that I didn’t want. But, I’m not hiding my love of the Demons. It’s there, in my life, with other people joining me.

Palo is my religion. Demonolatry is not. I hope I did not confuse anyone. There are a surprising amount of Palero’s with “black magic” or “Demonic” backgrounds. Just like Demonolators with Witchcraft backgrounds. So, who cares? Palo is my only path. I’ve drank the chamba. I’ve mumbled the sacred words. And most of it is still not visible to me. The power is there though. Zarabanda protects me fiercely. I’m on my way. Lucero opens my paths. I’m under my godfather.

But in the Demonic world, I’m higher up. I don’t proclaim myself “High Priestess.” (Although my godfather would say so) I just say Priestess. And that’s good enough for me. I’m not in the religion, I’m not looking for degrees. I do have a lot of experience though. People come to me, mostly after the books have only taken them so far. They ask me, “Where are the tangible results?” As soon as I introduce them to spirits and spiritualism, they grow in power and can receive information from spirits, from Demons, and they are generally more in tune with what is happening. The spiritualism is simple. Believing in the powers of the mind, setting up a boveda where your familial spirits can feed – they can help bring in more helpful spirits and even Demons or Mpungo to you. This sets things in motion. The water on the boveda feeds spirits and keeps a somewhat ‘open portal’ so to speak. Usually a Demon or in my case, a Mpungo will guard the portal so no negativity will come through.

Anyone who doubts my abilities can suck it. I know I have it. It’s proved daily. I can help with abilities if you’re curious how to. Email me at


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