The “I Want It Now” People

Personally speaking, I’m getting tired of this “I want it now” attitude that new magicians/witches/Satanists or what have you are getting these days when it comes to magical results, or even when hiring me for magical work. I’m not using any examples of any of the work I’ve done recently. This is in the past. I’ve had people who want things to happen NOW or they are going to basically flip out. “I want answers! Does he want me?” This attitude irks me a lot. There is something in common with most of my clients. They are Millennials. I don’t care for this mentality. If Millennials want everything NOW, then why don’t they work their own magic? I can get results fast and I will HELP EVERYONE no matter what age they are. But if they come whining to me that it’s not fast enough, then tough titties, you’re just going to have to wait until it manifests!


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