I feel as though I’m being rather productive. Since I’ve been busy with magical work and offerings, it makes my life feel more complete. I don’t have a conventional job so doing work and creating items for my Etsy shop is work in itself. I’m having just barely enough work to stay afloat. I need some more readings or magical work of some kind.

I’ve changed the way I do readings. They are mostly intuitive now. I talk to the mpungo, namely Lucero, for information. It’s not just yes and no. He tends to let me know the dynamics of situations that I am getting into. I always ask him if I should work with a client that asks me. It also has to pass with Chola Wengue. I do a lot of work through her, but I will work with others (mostly Zarabanda, Lucero, Nsasi and Cobayende). Anyway, back to readings…I do also get messages from ancestors, guidance from your ancestors (like what they want from you), spirits that may be in your  and around you, and if you are into Daemons, I can see them too.

The way I do magic is similar. It is sympathetic magic. I guess you could say it’s like the ‘law of attraction’ but I manifest it for you instead of you manifesting it for yourself. There are reasons that this way is quicker, and more powerful than just blindly believing that the law of attraction will bring you whatever you need if you do the right things. It’s not selfish AT ALL to have a magician/Bruja working for you. The laws in my religion are completely different than in other traditions. We only share a few things in common, namely the uses of candles and herbs, cleansing baths. My recipes have nothing to do with Pagan/Wiccan/Santeria ingredients. While some ingredients could be similar, the addition of the herbs/roots are put in a bath, oil, or incense for a completely different reason. And lets not forget that I do not work according to Western herbalism as portrayed in the regular magic books that are written in new books.

If you do want to work with me, I can assure you that I’m good, I’m fair, and I won’t let you down. 🙂 My fees are pretty much controlled by my godfather, so my work isn’t terribly expensive – depending on the goal that you are pursuing.


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