Ok, lets be serious…

If you’ve read some posts about me working with Zarabanda…it doesn’t mean YOU can work with him. Why, you ask? I am LICENSED to work with the mpungo. Likely, YOU are NOT. Does this make a difference? YES. First of all, Zarabanda will probably not listen to you at all. Secondly, if he does, he’ll probably make your life HELL for awhile, because you don’t know how to work with him. You can’t just “call him” and give him offerings that you may have seen on the internet. He is NOT Ogun. They do NOT cross over. If you’ve read “The Garden of Blood and Bones,” don’t think you are immediately ok with working with the mpungo. Cos, babe, you are most certainly NOT. And, the person who searched for his firma…well, there are TONS of Zarabanda firmas. They all to separate things.

If you do try to work with Zarabanda and find yourself in deep shit, feel free to contact me. Chances are I can fix it for you.

This post is just intended as a serious warning – mainly because Zarabanda is a very dangerous mpungo to mess with if you are not an experienced Palero/a.



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