How To Get A Muerto/a Into A Crystal

How Do I Get The Muerto/as Into My Ritual Crystal?

It’s a rather simple thing to do if you are a medium. If you are not a medium, I am not sure how this would work for you. I personally don’t think that all people are psychic or mediums. There’s just some people out there who are too dumb to their abilities and who’d have no clue how to use them. Or it would damage them too much to even learn to use them.

Anyway…to collect a muerto/a, you need:

  • A bit of rum
  • Florida water (your own recipe is the best!)
  • White bandana
  • A dime, best if it is a Mercury dime
  • A yes/no form of divination
  • Your ritual crystal in a bag (This crystal should be regular clear quartz, pointed on one or both ends)
  • Crystal bowl of cold water to store ritual crystal

First, you must put on the white bandana before entering the cemetery, then put on Florida water. Next, find the correct grave. It never takes me long. I have used a pendulum before, they are pretty accurate. Nowadays, I just go where I am drawn to. I select a grave and begin talking to the person in there. Or whether they are just hanging around, whatever. I summon them and ask if they want to help me in exchange for some light, water and prayers for them. If it looks like the Dead want to help me, I talk to them, cajole them into getting them into my ritual crystal. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Take out your divination and ask if the Dead has entered your crystal. If yes, leave your offerings. Pour the rum on the grave and leave the dime on the stone or near it. If no, try summoning again. If your divination says no again, then this is clearly not a good time to collect a muerto/a.

Once you have the Dead confirmed, put the crystal back in its pouch. Make sure you leave enough rum to pour at the cemetery gate as you leave. DO NOT LOOK BACK.

When you get home, back to your altar, place the quartz in a crystal bowl of cold water. Water retains and feeds the spirit in the crystal until released to do a job. Don’t wait very long. You must change the water daily if storing the spirit for awhile. Most spirits will need to be released to do work very soon after you collect them. They won’t stay around long if you don’t give them something to do. Unless you have your personal spirit guide do the work for you. This post isn’t about that. It’s about picking up a muerto/a and having them work for you.

When you work with a muerto/a, be sure to give them an offering of light and water while doing so. When you are done working with them, you must release them. You can call them back, of course – ONLY if you make a pact with them. You should copy down all of the information on their tombstone or mausoleum ID. Making a pact is simple. Tell them what you want, use divination to confirm each detail. Write everything down on parchment, sign it and keep it in a special place. When you are done with the spirit or wish to stop working with them, burn the pact parchment.

Any questions? – All email here.







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