Just been busy with work lately. I haven’t had too much else going on as of late except work my magical stuff and do the videos. I thought it would be a little interesting to babble to a camera. But my videos aren’t ending up to be as occulty as I’d like them to be. It’s hard for me to come up with neat topics. I already asked questions in a post of what you’d all like to hear about. I get no feedback really. It’s hard to work with no feedback.

Mama Chola is really setting me up with clients. I’ve had work nonstop for a few months now! It’s not been easy work though. It’s all been very challenging. Perhaps she’s testing me. When you have Mama Chola as a Congo mother, I think you’re destined to do love magic whether you like it or not. I still am not a huge fan of it, but I’m getting better at it because I am having a lot of practice at it.

Last week, I did get to go out to the river and make an offering to Chola Wengue (Mama Chola) and I also made an offering to Nsasi in a little wooded spot. Most of the time I have trouble getting places though. So I go to this field that is in a little cul-de-sac/dead end near my place. My godfather approved it.

Ack. Well this is the end to this entry. Probably more videos coming because I’m trying to get used to the camera. I have this nice webcam that I hook up to my laptop, but it makes everything .mp4 format and for some reason, it’s taking hellishly long to upload to YouTube.

Later, peeps.



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