Ancestor Oil : Two Recipes

Prototype One: The Slow Method

Ingredients, test:

  • Small pinches of dirt from an ancestors grave, someone you love and respected (personally)
  • Black Cohosh
  • Spikenard  (herb NOT E.O.)
  • Rose oil
  • Tobacco
  • Polvo de Muerto (can be omitted)

This ancestor oil must sit in a dark bottle in a cool dark place for at least six months. You can go and invert the bottle, do not shake it. You can take a sniff test too, but it’s best if the bottle is not opened within the six months of steeping. Polvo de Muerto is powder of the Dead. Usually carved bone, any HUMAN bone you have will suffice. OR the polvo is taken out from a nganga if you have one.


An Easy EO recipe

  • Cypress
  • Smidge of Patchouli
  • Smidge of Narcissus
  • Rose oil
  • White rose petals (from a cemetery is best; don’t need many, just one or two to fit in small bottle, or more if you make it in a jar)






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