Magical Thoughts

I’m sitting here, quite early in the morning. I’ve been thinking about some of my magical work and have been doing a lot of it lately for customers. I’ve been busy. Since I’m Chola Wengue’s child, a lot of love magic comes my way. And I feel like in most circumstances I have to take the job. There was one person who was not happy with my sarcasm. Well, she said she was “gravely in need of love work.” How can someone be “gravely” in need of love magic? Give me a break. You only need oxygen and water gravely. LOL. I even pointed at my sarcasm in my message, but this person didn’t take my message as a joke as intended. Hell, I don’t need someone so fucking serious!

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to please everyone that comes to me asking for magic. Sorry. I ONLY do Palo magic, I love Santisima Muerte, but just for protection. I do not avidly practice any magic with her. My specialties are mpungo or Daemons. Take your pick. I do not do blood offerings to Daemons, however. Or blood offerings in general, unless it’s animals. Which I have not and will not do until my godfather says it’s needed. If I can make it out to the forest and river today I’ll be giving offerings to the mpungo I’ve been working with.

That’s it for this post. Laters.


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