The World Pisses Me Off (Opinions, don’t like it, don’t read it)

Gawd, I’m so tired of the way the world is becoming. Tragedy after tragedy. And people want to blame firearms. Well, Jesus Christ. It’s not the fucking guns, it’s the people WITH the guns who are acting stupid and abusing the weapons. People have the right to protect their family with weapons, if they choose. Women who were gang raped (like Kelly McGillis from “Top Gun” and “Witness”) have concealed weapons permits because of these horrible atrocities that were inflicted upon them. Should they not carry protection? Should they be victims? If a burglar comes in your house armed and threatening to shoot you, do you have the right to pull out your own weapon to defend your family? I think so.

The senseless violence I see on the news everyday angers me because it is SENSELESS. It cannot be controlled, people are blowing things out of proportion and it makes anti-gun people paranoid and scared shitless of weapons, and they want to vote against our second amendment right to bear arms. We don’t need to take guns away from people, we need to have people take courses on how to handle guns, and a mental competence test.

I’m sick and tired of death. Chaos. Murder. It’s like our nation is at war, or is going to be at war soon. I sincerely hope that my vote this year will matter and the president and congress¬†will be efficient and smart about what is going on in the nation and be able to help what is going on, or address the issues of our times.



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