Occult Elitism

This is just something I’m writing. It’s my opinion. If you agree, fine. If you don’t, still, fine.

In every occult branch, there are elitists. People who are high and mighty, who think they know everything and claim to be some very High Priest/ess in an exclusive group or sect. Many new people in the occult scene feel afraid or shy around these types of people. They think if they talk to them, they might say something wrong. I’ve cozied up to some people who were on rather high horses, and it made me feel cooler. No doubt that’s why some youngsters try to sit in the sunshine of the elitists. There is really a downside to being an elitist though. I don’t think if they fully realize that being a ‘leader’ is really too much responsibility. I have found elitists who are really not skilled, but they are popular just for what they wear, or the items they own, who they know, etc.

The responsibility of High Priest/esses is to teach, look over, correct mistakes, and be someone to look up to when your learning. Not to look down upon, ignore, trick, demean, or haze students.

Some people are better if they learn magic by themselves. It can be lonely, but in my opinion, learning solitary is more beneficial. Then you can discover things yourself and study complex magic on yourself and no one will know the results but you. There are bright sides to being solitary.

So, my advice is to stay away from the elitists if you can. Try to find an honest humble practitioner (you can always email me) to help you with your studies. I can point you in the right direction, though I can’t teach anyone. I already have another apprentice. I only take one at a time.



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