Sometimes you can screw up

I’ll admit, I screwed up. Someone came to me for an uncrossing and a road opening. I took precedence over the road opening part, and kinda forgot the uncrossing – and here is how I found out…

Candles with soot! They were all getting black on the top of the glass. I thought something bad was going on. Well, it was bad, indeed! I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. Then I spoke with my spirits and they told me I hadn’t done the uncrossing first! I was like FUCKING DUH, you lump of goo. I broke out the uncrossing candle, a white candle, the uncrossing incense and began the ritual last night.

Lo and behold!!! The uncrossing candles are working! No soot on them.

So keep things in mind…especially with uncrossings. They need to happen first.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you can screw up

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  1. Hi Jen
    Hope it’s all worked out now then? I guess it has.
    I hope your well. I’ve been catching up on so many things myself but have been reading your blogs via email.
    Just thought I’d click on the link and say “Hi”.
    Also last week I was busy writing a lot myself, my own writing and a new blog post where I’ve added quite a few of my own photos from my own magickal practice…even myself. LOL Not sure if that was the smartest thing to do or not yet? LOL
    Also what’s up when you know lots of people are reading your blog but don’t ever comment or click like?
    I know that their reading it because for the first time I figured out what analytics are and what their for.
    Yeah duh I know because I used to wonder how u knew what people were searching for when they read your blog.
    Anyway decided to check my analytics. I was amazed at how many people from around the world have been reading my blog even just in the last month.
    Yet nobody hardly ever comments under a blog post.
    Occasionally someone mentions my blog on Google+ or emails me privately. But I just don’t get it?
    Is it because their either too lazy & can’t be bothered, or don’t want to be identified or because their not on WordPress?
    I really don’t know why because my David Bowie blog has had heaps of readers since I posted it and even my new post has had as of today 457 readers.
    Just thought I’d ask you because you blog more regularly and obviously have been using analytics.
    I never thought to click on it before for fear of messing up my settings as I struggled to figure out WordPress for ages.
    I still don’t know how to do lots of things like change my menu without changing my theme yet but I will get to it eventually.
    I was glad to read that you finished all your magickal work now and that your open for business again. I hope that your getting some more paid work now!
    I’ve thought of advertising online myself sometime but I’m not sure about it all yet.
    I only do real magick for friends and family. But I do read tarot, oracle cards or runes for a select few that want me to that live in my town & know that I’m a Witch via a couple of other trusted friends.
    But I never let them pay me. However the people I read for that aren’t close friends only acquaintances always buy me a small gift or ask me do I need any more candles, incense or essential oils etc which is nice of them to do.
    Let’s face it money is an issue for everybody magickal or mundane. Yet so many people online expect you to do all that magick for them for free and we both know how physically and spiritually tiring it can be. Why shouldn’t magickal people be paid for their services just like any other?
    It amazes me that some people have the front to ask you to do magick for them for free? They obviously have no idea of the energy and knowledge that is involved do they!
    Anyway if have an answer as to why people don’t comment when you know that their there not even subscribers please let me know?
    Take care and Blessings,
    Caz xo ⭐️💖🌙


    1. I don’t know why people don’t comment. I don’t get very many either. It really sucks because I take time to make a good post and then no one says shit.


      1. I totally know how you feel it does suck especially when you’ve made so much effort. That’s probably why I don’t blog all the time because it’s only human to want to get more feedback. I guess a lot of people like to just quickly read it and then move on. Especially as most people are on so many different social networks.
        I hope that all is well with everything for you ATM!
        Take care & Blessings,
        Caz xo ⭐️💖🌙


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