My “go-to” cleansers for everything

These are my “go-to” cleansers for everything if I need them.

Cleansing Bath

  • Rue
  • Arrasa Con Todo plant (Original Botanica or auctions609) – Really no substitute
  • Rosemary
  • Bay leaf (an odd number, like 7)
  • Hyssop

Altar Wash

Steep some Rue in white vinegar. Strain. Store in bottle.

I use a lot of Rue, peeps!

Boveda (Ancestor altar) Wash

  • Holy water
  • Kananga water
  • River water
  • White Rose petals (steeped)
  • Agua Floral (Crusella’s Florida Water)

Head Wrap

This is to cleanse your head and thoughts. It contains some things that aren’t hospitable to hair. If you are bald, still try to keep the product on your head and wear the bandana. I only recommend it if you think you have really bad juju on you. You will also need a white bandana.

  • “Blue Magic” Coconut Hair Conditioner (look in the ethnic section of the hair aisle)
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cascarilla
  • Agua Floral
  • Gin
  • Very Cold water

Put all items on head, except for the water. The cascarilla will make it feel crappy. Wrap with bandana. Keep it on overnight. Wash your head your normal way, but with very cold water. This should get rid of blocks, people messing with your mind and all sorts of things.

Magical Items

I rarely use the salt and water combo that most people use. I feel that it “deadens the power” of the tool or item more then cleansing it. I place a Citrine, Blue and Green Kyanite on top of or surrounding the item that needs to be cleansed. It works soooo much better! Get your hands on some Kyanite!


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