Not much of an explanation…

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a Palero who couldn’t believe in what I do, without being scratched. And said I shouldn’t have a Lucero without being scratched first. Well, I don’t know. I guess it depends on the rama for this. I told him all of the work I do with the kimpungulu and he was surprised because he didn’t think I had license to do so. Maybe I don’t have license by some munanzo’s standards. But what I do works. I interact with a mpungo, I talk to Lucero with my shells, I do magic with help from them. At first I angered him, but that was resolved. I have asked my godfather how I do the things I do. He says it is because of my link to his munanzo. I think it goes even beyond this. I enjoy working with them and they must enjoy me working with them.

I do believe I have natural ability. This was confirmed by my godfather and it’s in all of the readings I’ve had. I’m supposed to be a High Priestess. Someday. No rush.

It takes a non-believer to make me question my abilities and really make me think. I am really happy with Palo. It’s definitely my path. No if’s, ands, or buts about it. We talked some more and he ended up believing me and we have the same “Congo Mama.”

I felt determined to defend myself and I did!


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