Random Ramblings? …?

I’m changing all of these people’s lives…my clients. Makes me feel kind of powerful. Feeling the magical juices going right now. I’ve been working and working. Making my spirits happy. Along with my kimpungulu. The point is to stay active so your magical skills don’t become dormant. I know from personal experience.

Here are some things that are helpful psychically – help defend yourself from people who try crossing:

  • Cascarilla soap (it is eggshell powder, mixed (not very easily) with a white glycerine soap)
  • African Black soap (An ancient soap, usually brown and unscented – try Etsy)
  • Chandrika Ayervedic soap (lots of stores with a ‘natural foods’ section sells this heavily smelling Patchouli soap; best chakra cleanser)
  • *Cocoa butter (Obviously comforting) *With these two ingredients, they are mainly used as a psychic cleanser as a lotion or as an Ori cleanser “head cleansing” put them on your head)
  • *Shea butter (Obviously comforting)
  • Florida Water (especially your own made)
  • Coconut milk (in your hair)

These are things to put on the body, soaps, perfumes, lotions. Slap on a white bandana over your head. And let it sit overnight. Wash your head and get everything out. At the end, switch to cool water.

Herbs for everyone to have!

Essentials for your herbal closet:

  • Rue – very important for Brujas. We use it as a bitter plant for baths of cleansing.
  • Rosemary – It’s traditionally a bitter herb used for cleansings, but some use as a sweet bath ingredient.
  • Bay Laurel – Also another bitter plant, but it is exemplary in all it’s forms and powers. I’ve used it as both bitter and sweet.
  • Myrtle! Sweet herb! It’s wonderful for Mama Chola. Love work, other Venusian attributes too.
  • Gravel root – This root is excellent in finding work for you, along with Devil’s Shoestring and Benzoin.
  • Knotgrass – Keep your enemies tied up.
  • Hazel – The fairy kingdom likes Hazel. It is a very powerful tree. Makes a good dowsing rod.
  • Adam & Eve roots – Essential for love spells.
  •  Lucky hand root – You can buy it at Penn Herb as Salep. It’s not cheap but it’s better than buying one lucky hand root.
  • Licorice Root – Commanding, compelling.
  • Galangal (Low John) – Commanding, controlling.
  • High John – one of the most popular roots. Controls, commands, power.

Your kitchen herb closet. Chances are you have a ton of herbs in your kitchen! Check their history out online. Some of the sites are bollocks, but a lot of them are accurate.

Take a looksee with what you have.


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