Amazing lately

My psychic/intuition/whatever is bonkers lately. I’m hearing things out of people before they tell me. It’s not just common speech. It’s fucking radical words and things that people don’t say in general. I can’t think of an example because it can’t happen – it’s so mysterious and fast and I forget. When it happens though, “I’m like ka-ching I heard that before you said it! Haha!” And I notice I can change people’s thoughts just by thinking of what I want to do. This can be kinda bad, right? If used in the wrong context.

Strong bonds with Mama Chola, Nsasi and Centella. Have to slow my transformation for client work. Need the money to get initiated. I hate money but I have to have it. I’m the cheapest person you’ll ever meet. I don’t go for too many coupons, but when it comes to cars or something, I’ll still knock down a price for a 79 Jaguar XJ6 if someone has a almost affordable one. 😉  It has to run and drive and be without rust. See, cheap person, flashy automobile. LOL. Goes with my Napoleon complex. Short but will fight.

Things move in their own way in this house. You put something down and it’s gone. You go to look for it, it’s still gone and say fuck it and stop looking. Then an hour later, the goddamned item is right next to you. Serious. I check EVERYWHERE. Happened to my glass of Pepsi today. Jeez. Tom’s always like, I’ve lost it forever. I say, “It will turn up.” Usually does. Also happened to my fishnet gloves!

My part of the duplex eats things. The other side gets robbed. Hmm, you think?

Our land lord is this guy in his 60’s, still doing white dope but always says he will fix the fence. Yeah right. He only fixes things he HAS to fix, like the toilet we had. The floors were rotted around it.

I don’t really want him over here, but our fence is about to go up in the wind like the Wizard of Oz back in Kansas.

Gah, my computer was in airplane mode. How weird. It didn’t do shit when I tried using my phone on the plane. Anyway, here I am now, waffling away. I like that cute term that is used by that cute British gal uses describing her videos. I wish I could make videos like that, but I’m too far gone. I don’t want to learn new tricks. LOL. A smart youngster might be nice. Them whippersnappers.

Magic is going well too. Customers are biting. Happy about that. 🙂




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  1. I find your comment about hating money but needing it curious. Why should it come to you if you hate it? Just a tought 🙂


      1. Sorry. Posted twice by accident, I think. I understand you need it, but if you hate it couldn’t that cause a blockage preventing it from flowing in?


      2. I’ve been blocked before but have found a ritual that I use to get rid of blocks. People try to get to me; like the other day, one of my ancestor glasses turned cloudy. My godfather said my ancestors were protecting me from ill wishers. So I did some self-work to get clients. The ritual is awesome and self-written.


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