Random Rambling: Wowzers!

(Yes, I am aware that this tells you how old I am…lol)

Energy is just humming! We had a thunderstorm last night so I put a jar of water out there to get the energy from the storm. Collecting rain water is hard, plus it’s illegal here. So I just prefer taking a jar of water and let it steep in the storm all night long. Keep the lid off.

I’m feeling SO much ancestor energy. I pray to them each and everyday and try not to leave them out of any ritual I do. They are all welcome to my rituals.

I working with all sorts of spirits. Kimpungulu, Demons.  Plus my wards (regular magic), Santisima Muerte La Negra for my dad… tarot (the sigil deck) to speak to the dead, Santisima or Lucero. For divination, it’s the  cards or cowries.

Anyway, in fear of repeating my shit, I should probably stop waffling.




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