Full Moon Storm Water/Special Feelings

In lovely Oregon, we had rain and an electrical storm today. I don’t collect rainwater, because that doesn’t work out very well. What I do is that I take a jar of water and place it outside with the elements so it can get charged by itself. What a great thing – stormy water underneath a full moon. Nothing better than that!

This is my second bottle of storm water, the moon sign is Scorpio. Extra mystical! Can’t wait to work with it.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…Palo stuff, Demon stuff. I’ve been working with Centella and Nsasi along with Mama Chola. Centella brings me strange dreams but clear visions. My Demonic cards are helping tremendously. I don’t need to look at a book nearly as much as I do with tarot or other oracle decks. I know the Demons intimately. And having my Lucero is a BIG deal. He’s so specialized. I love the chant to bring him forth. 🙂

The work I’ve done with Mama Chola recently has been awesome. She brings me what I need. Talking to my ancestors daily has brought up a lot of feelings and stirs up SO much energy. ALWAYS, work with your ancestors! They love you, they’re your closest connection to the spiritual realms. I don’t think I can reiterate more about this!

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Until morning.


One thought on “Full Moon Storm Water/Special Feelings

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  1. I collect stormwater too as it’s so incredibly empowering to use for magick! I think all Witches do if their smart especially when it’s under a Full Moon as well. You do exactly what I do too. 😀 When it comes to the power of the elemental of water it doesn’t get much better than an electrical storm! ~ Apart from once years ago in 2010 when we were stuck in a Category 3 Cyclone up in Darwin, Australia. It was so full on it was lucky that nobody was killed. But up in the tropics cyclones are a part of their lives just like tornadoes in some states in the US. However I will never forget the incredible energy up there ever!


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