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oshun prayer for hangchief and honey – Simply do not know the answer. I am not working with Oshun. I work with Mama Chola. I’m not in Ocha. I don’t want to be part of Ocha, thank you. I’m a pure Palera.

My magic working was very successful. I worked with Mama Chola to get some jobs going, and by the time her candle was out, I have two jobs now. 🙂 Less than 7 days. So freakin’ awesome. It’s not just candle magic. It’s prayer, meditation, focus, objects used for association (like coins for prosperity, or Jupiter squares, etc). Sympathetic magic. It’s as simple as that. Or if you prefer, Contagion magic. I highly suggest reading older magic books. I would suggest old Witchcraft books, like ones written by Margaret Murray or Leland. Stay away from Wicca garbage. IMO, of course. Early Wiccan books aren’t quite as fluffy, but they are kind of biased to covens, not solitaries. Patricia Crowther isn’t too bad, Sybil Leek.

Ah…got on a tangent. Sorry folks.

I’d really love to sell my books, so I’m going to lower the prices.

They are ALL $50. Autographed with your name and note if you tell me what you’d like me to say. I hope this is much more affordable. That’s as low as I’ll go.




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  1. What is your take on working with the ATR spirits in the Hoodoo way? They do tend to merge the spirits of different African traditions and Catholic saints together. Is that good or bad?

    I have read that the ATR spirits are rather temperamental and dangerous. What does your experience tell you?


    1. I don’t know about hoodoo. I never worked with it with ATRs. Santeria is the religion where people merge saints and African deities. It works, I wouldn’t call it bad. Not my cup of tea though. All spirits are temperamental and can be dangerous. I wouldn’t say they are more so. My experience is that they are more palpable than regular spirits. They can be felt more. I don’t recommend people just calling on them for a spell or ritual. Unless they know them first. Research is needed.


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