Random Ramblings: Feeling mystical

“I got a feeling inside of me, its kind of strange like a stormy sea….” -New Rose, The Damned.

My thoughts are hazy, kind of distorted. Could be my pain medication, who knows. I haven’t smoked any weed today, so far. I’m about to hit that Strawberry Cough now though. >:)~  Ahh, cough cough, goooood.

The haziness cleared with a couple of hits off ye olde bong.  Lately I’ve been super psychic. Predicting all kinds of weird shit. Mostly in my mundane life. Silly shit. Stuff anyone can do without a lot of practice. I do it without practice because I was “born that way.” Stupid joke.

It does help to be born into it instead of studying how to do these things.[ in a practical way. I always recommend ANY of Draja Mickaheric’s books. “Spiritual Cleansing,” and many others. Some of his other books are for the advanced magician, they are also harder to find. A piece of advice for beginners would be, to take it slow. Don’t expect results right away.

I just got back here from doing a ritual. The energy was very tense and powerful. I could feel Mama Chola’s presence strongly, in fact, I still do. I can’t mention what I did the ritual for but it’s continuing now, so later friends. 🙂



One thought on “Random Ramblings: Feeling mystical

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  1. Some people are just “born that way”! Yeah I know it’s a stupid saying but people always say it don’t they. As that’s what my family say about me. As well as my now deceased maternal grandmother and my Mother and my adult daughters too and so the cycle goes around. My adult children always know various mundane things too without even trying.
    I find ancestral abilities like mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience etc. really fascinating especially when it runs along certain family lines.
    Obviously by the sound of it your just like us ~ born that way!
    That is with a magical gift!⭐️


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