Open for Clients

I know, I make a lot of posts about this subject. Everyone knows that I am trying to raise money for my initiation into  Palo Mayombe. I wish to learn it’s teachings, for it is all known by notes you copy from your Tata and most importantly learned by ear.

I think he’s charging me $2,500 for everything. Good price. I have seen much higher for the rayamiento or “scratching.”

I will work for basically anything you want, except for obsessive love magic comes to my door. I’ll divine and see fit’s possible though. I’m good at persuasive magic. Uncrossings, cleansings, road opening, lifting curses (even familial), love, life, money through work, prosperity, abundance, healing, lust, controlling/compelling, some execration (rare), legal, making people real. For instance: ALL my music that I listen to has emotion behind it. Helps me to channel my emotions into my work. Magic works better if emotion is behind it.

Anyway, off of my soapbox.

Please hire me!!!

If you just want readings, go to this link:


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  1. Hey Jen,
    I realise that I’m catching up with your blogs back to front but there is something regarding this topic that I’d like to discuss with you? Sorry though it’s not hiring as obviously I do my own work but important just the same.
    Caz. xo


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