Changes to Readings MAJOR UPDATE!!!!

I NO LONGER read regular tarot cards. I’ve realized that my skill set must be updated and tarot reading is just too old for me. It’s too long, too antiquated. So, I’m going to exclusively use the Demonic sigil cards. They tell me more than anything I need to know. I zap into focus when I read those cards because there aren’t very many of them to memorize.

Short 3 card reading: $10

Celtic Cross Spread: $15

Full on Demonic reading, including cards, zodiac reading, numerology, intuitive reading – finding out what Demons are around you, which ones would be best as a patron/matron. Your personal colors, numbers, all sorts of info. This is an intense process and usually takes three or more hours to complete. $50. This is a reading that you want if you are interested in becoming a Satanist or a Demonolator.

Cowrie shell readings are still $3 per question.


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