Relationship with Demons/Questions

I find that I can have a relationship with Demons as well as the Kimpungulu. I never really intended to break the relationship I have with the Demons. They will always be with me. Today is the Second Rite to Ba’al Phegore. But I’m not bloodletting on the ground like I usually did, because I’m not a Demonolator. I’m no longer in a bloodletting tradition. But still, a lot of the traditions have stuck to me over the years. I’ll still speak to the Demons and use Enns once in awhile to invoke them, and I will go to online holiday rituals to hang out.

Why am I talking about this stuff? There is kinda a lull in my Palo practice right now. I still do all of the work required and if a ritual comes up, I go to a mpungo first. But my godfather is super busy. Seems like all Palo godfathers are busy. <sigh> I’m good on my own, really. He does watch over me, I know that for sure. I’m one of the most important pupils in the house. I got the munanso tattoo first.

I haven’t performed any Demonic magic for a long time. It’s been just for divination sources thus far. And for book writing. I may do some Demonic magic soon, just to kick the dust off of my skills…

I received these things off of the search engines. I’ve already talked about these things, but I will speak of these things again….




mama chola offerings – honey, oranges, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, yellow flowers -especially sunflowers, five pennies – deliver to the river.

bubbles in altar water – means spirits are present

i have to receive my lucero in palo – then receive it! It costs money! You earn it! It is divined. You learn all about the Lucero you receive. He has his own firma, his own path. Each is special.



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