Oh god..this is going to raise some hackles… (A Rant)

I don’t like naming names on my blog, but there are some real fakes out there, just trying to make money off of you, the internet casual reader, occult consumer, or even seasoned magician. First of all, there is NO becoming a living god. Only in your sad little ego. And blood sorcery is just asking the astral slime of the ether to come and do your bidding. Even if you’ve tested out these methods and they work for you, it’s only superficial. It’s hogwash. It’s okay TEMPORARILY if you just want a system of magic without spirituality, I GUESS. But I am an avid spiritualist and think that if you work with SPIRITS you should be SPIRITUAL. That is the payback. I believe in pacts, but not blood sorcery. You can add blood to inks if you wish, if YOU think it’s more powerful. I work on higher levels of consciousness, not on the lowest key of the universe. I’m not a “high magician” by any means, but the things that I do actually have to do something with a religion instead of some faceless tradition that people want to be dark dark darkity dark dark. And that dude who is totally Western magic trying to write about Vodou had the whole book WRONG. A hazel wood altar? Did they have hazel in Haiti? I think not.

I’ve heard of TWO “high ranking people” that have tried to get into Palo but couldn’t, because Palo isn’t dark enough for them. Well, la de da and ho ho ho. PALO ISN’T MEANT TO BE DARK. Only when the Palero/a is doing negative work. We do the best negative work out there, no doubt. And I’ve studied many “dark” traditions. And they turned out not to be dark at all. Then there’s the Lilith worshipers. I personally know Lilith in my own way. She is a dark goddess but she is also NOT a dark goddess. She does like blood, but I found it’s usually menstrual blood. Doesn’t really fit for men. Her secrets are meant for women, IMHO. Though in her form as a succubus is there for males.

I like to open my mouth, or rather type like crazy about these things. I like being opinionated. If people don’t like it, read another blog. There are plenty out there. But ahhh…no..we have to read this blog because it’s written by a Schizo freak who doesn’t know magic or religion, right? Haha! If I did not know what I know, then why does Zarabanda even bother with me, and my Congo “parents?” I approach each mpungo and they all respond to me. My godfather is proud of me. He said in the beginning that I am welcome in Palo according to his readings. And to be a High Priestess (Yaya Nganga) at some point.

Okay, done with bitching. Lets see how many blog readers I get today. I hope a lot. 🙂


One thought on “Oh god..this is going to raise some hackles… (A Rant)

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  1. I’ve only just read this blog. Well done! The only thing that I agree to disagree with a bit. Is the bit about blood sorcery. Why? Well I’ve only ever used blood in the most sacred of ways. Such as the time in my magical practice to save a loved one’s life in a very long and sacred ritual. Which had full success which everyone thought was a true miracle and still do. Lol Which is written about in my blog here on WordPress if anyone here wants to know what I mean?
    Blood used in any kind of magick and/or ritual is never something to be taken lightly and those that do so, do so at their own peril. Blood is sacred and I’ve only ever used my own and/or that of my magical work partner.
    I totally agree with you about Lilith. I have written about her on my tumblr blog as well awhile back accompanied by some beautiful artwork. Coincidence that you wrote about this? I think not because to me she is obviously such an empowering and wonderful Goddess for women to work with. Lilith usually responds and works best with/for women for obvious reasons. But with Lilith do your homework and actually read and study about her and don’t just watch a few YouTube videos. Lol
    Some men like to call upon Lilith for sex magic/k and for some this actually works. But sadly for most it doesn’t as Lilith doesn’t suffer “male fools gladly”. I totally agree she is not a Goddess for men accept as a Succubus for sex magick.
    Also I hope that your not stopping writing your blog Jen because of other people’s stupid opinions? There are always going to be people who try to make trouble because they may be jealous etc. To them I say “go disappear because nobody cares what you think or say”! I honestly don’t and never would that’s for sure.
    You always be you because that’s whom you were born to be,
    nobody else but you!!!
    Blessings always,⭐️💖⭐️
    CazWytch )O( xo


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