Random Ramblings: Gratitude and Stuff

I’m taking some time to think about those I owe my gratitude to. I would say my dad first, because he’s stayed alive for my son and I. I’m glad he is here for me. Sometimes I wonder if he’s just waiting for my son to be 18 to disappear off of the Earth and go heavenly bound. I don’t want that yet. I know he’s hurting bad, can’t walk, but stubborn as hell and still is born of fury and fire.

I have gratitude for my godfather who I got to meet this year, which was awesome. He is taking time and care with me. It’s amazing. Not only do I have a cool friend who is a Priest in Palo, but a cool friend to hang with. We stayed in a few coffeehouses when I was visiting. Talking about Palo and Demons, people looking at us funny. Being completely cleansed and put ‘on point.’ That’s just some official phrase. I have the beat of Palo in me now.

I give thanks to lots of people for not giving up on me, or taking a risk by getting a reading. I’m really liking readings now, if people want them. I think my tarot ($25) is affordable. I have had high accuracy without knowing people. I considered doing tarot for online places (like those phone psychics) but I don’t fit in those places. You have to tell people what they want to hear, and I’m all about honesty.  I also give thanks to those who do my cowrie shell readings with. They are wickedly correct.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m good at a lot of things. I received my calling I suppose.


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