I think I already answered at least one of these. Getting money from Mama Chola was the one. Ridiculous I might add. She only helps her godchildren with most things, like money. I do rituals to her for other things she’s good at like relationships, business, etc. She’s not just “for money” or “for love”. She’s not “for anything.” She is a mpungo and they aren’t just beings that you can “get stuff from.”

what is the use of rose water as holy water – Rose water is something I use in holy water sometimes. It smells good to the spirits, like Florida water. I make my own personal Florida water that was taught to me by my godfather and it’s not as stinky or strong as the shit coming from Lanman & Kemp. I also made a cologne version with essential oils and it turned out to be almost exactly like regular Florida water.


experiment of soul leaving the box – What is that supposed to mean? The spirit can leave the box whenever it needs to. Particularly for jobs. They always have to come home to that box, but the spirits pretty much can do what they are sent to do. They won’t leave the box until you tell them to. There is a pact you write down that must tell them what they can and cannot do. And one of those things is to bother you.


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