I’m proud of myself!

I am proud of myself. I made (with husbands assistance) a fruit lamp oil for one of my clients. It turned out awesome. Wish I could show it on here, but I can’t. Gotta remain private. Nor can I say who the mpungo is or what it is made of. Or what purpose. But I’m just happy as hell that it turned out well!


I have made an awesome SMLN (Santa Muerte La Negra) oil. She said I could share it with all of you!

Olive or grapeseed oil
Cypress EO (this is quite a few drops, it’s the foundation oil)
Rosemary EO (I used Spanish Rosemary)
Palmarosa EO (very small amount, 1 drop but Rose is better if you have it)
Sage EO (I used Dalmatian Sage)
Knotgrass herb (pinch)
Rue herb (pinch)

This is the only aspect of SM I work with. I have her to protect me and my family. Here is what she looks like.


I use chamalongos to talk to her, since my shells will not. Don’t know why, but Lucero says nope. It’s some technicality I’m sure. “Working” with SM and Palo is very common.

Well, it looks like it’s time for me to clean my ancestor’s glasses. gotta do that!


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