As of late…Spirit Boxes….

I’ve been contemplating..lately I’m just thinking about a lot of stuff I need to do. I got the mirrors today, for the Spirit Box experiment. I’m going to start working on a prototype box. It’s going to be one of the flatter boxes. These will probably run a little more expensive. Probably just because they will contain some higher priced materials. My original $500 is too much. I’ll say $250 for the larger box and $150 for the limited smaller boxes. There will be bottles or bags with items inside of them. There may be dirt, bone, shells, herbs, oils, etc. There is a spirit inside of the “Ritual Quartz.” This spirit is gathered by me and it does what it is told. There will be a master sigil to the box as well. This sigil will only work for the box. Here are the kinds of boxes that will be made. These are three boxes.

They  ARE NOT be ready yet.

The Igneous Box – An ATR box. Not specific to which tradition, but a bit closer to the “darker” side because it runs hot. This box is made for the spirit who you want to bug someone with (make life hell), or cast any type of dark spell, novena. (Ritual quartz and master sigil) $150.00

The Serene Box – Another ATR box, particularly for Ocha and Ifa. This box runs nice and cool. You can send the spirit out for blessings, cleansings, love energy, compassion, and positive thoughts. You can also enjoy this spirit, and have them guard you and have a serene and peaceful home. (Ritual quartz and master sigil) $150.00

The Black Witches Box – (ONLY 1 AVAILABLE) This box contains all that is needed for a Witch ritual. A cup, a knife, candles (black votives), incense, some flower petals and salt. The ritual crystal too, of course with the spirit in it. If you want to do any kind of spell, use the ingredients here to help get started and send the spirit out to do his/her work. (Master sigil included) -$250.00

There also may be some crystals or stones pertinent to each box as well. And remember! Spirit boxes and pots are PORTALS!




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