What happened to my blog readers? Did they go *poof* and go away?


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  1. Hi Jen,
    I’m back and have now caught up with your blogs and videos yesterday and today. Really great work your doing ATM with ATR and Santisma!😀 I really hope that your Dad stays ok too. Also I’m sry to hear that your son’s not coming down. I’m sure that when you see him next you will both more than make up for it.
    I will write some more soon and chat to you some more ok. Problem for me lately is that I need some energy. It’s due to a relapse of my chronic pain which is still out of control at this time.
    I’ve also been grieving for David Bowie so badly because after all, all of his music and chameleon like changes are literally the soundtrack to every era of my life since I was 14. I miss him so much but thankfully we have all of his work which he gave the world to keep.⭐️⭐️⭐️ I think Blackstar is brilliant and so full of occult messages for those with “eyes to see”.
    I also did a very successful working on the waning moon two months ago. Like you wrote in one of your blogs, that you like to do certain workings under the waning moon which most others don’t. Well so do I Sister!⭐️ I often find the waning moon as well as the actual Dark Moon the best time for my magickal workings of all kinds. As I tend to live by the Hermetic rules myself to a degree, which state “To Will, To Dare, To Know and Keep Silent” when it comes to magick. I often find it hard to share my magickal workings with others. Occasionally I’ve written about magickal experiences but never in detail or what I actually did step by step…just hints here and there. Lol I was wondering if secrecy is such an issue doing ATR and Santisma as well? As I find that as you share so much of your magick..which is great…but not all…and I totally understand why you can’t always of course. As I don’t practice any ATRs, and you know what I’m into myself spiritually and magickally, I think. Lol I know that the Nganga is to be kept secretly etc. However I was wondering a bit about other ATR practices in general? Hope that’s ok to ask you Jen. Maybe you might want to blog about the rules of ATRs? As I’m sure many of your blog readers would find it interesting. Just a thought. I’m exhausted now Jen just from writing that. If only I was as young as you but alas I am not. Anyway enough about that. I hope that you and your hubby are having a good weekend! Thinking of you.😘
    Take care and Blessings,
    Love Caz xo


    1. The ATR religions are so secret because they are so structured, the rituals are old and done by intuition. So it’s hard to describe them. And there are certain taboos that some people have problems with. Like homosexuality. I’m not against it, but you cannot be scratched if you are gay. There are many taboos that make Palo difficult to talk about online, at least.


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