Random Ramblings: Crap

Some of these *Amazeballs Millennials* contact me for love magic. Too many of them, actually. I have had success. Some people don’t like me or my attitude. I make my own rules and if people don’t like them, get out of my sorcery pocket!

Yes, I am successful at magic work if you FOLLOW WHAT I SAY. This is in my first posted as rules and shit I’ll do, and shit I won’t do.

Check it out: http://wp.me/p64UNH-7S

But, you know… I don’t mind throwing things at idiots and they can’t always follow what I mean. People who don’t understand me. I get offensive. I just want clean magic without all of this drama queen garbage. I’m very close to my munanzo now. Being a member is like a big driving force. Its really a good feeling. Each piece of my lineage is awesome. I’m not initiated but I work magic and do other Palo related things. Palo is a very ‘hot’ religion. Not like sexy, I mean HOT, like a stove. I work with Demons now too, but differently.

Sometimes my rituals change, determined what is needed. I’ll either go to my Palo or my Demons (with no worship but with pacts) – they are the first two go tos.

I’m just rambling anyway. This will become a random rambling.


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