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which orisha likes amber scent/amber candles

Here’s a question that’s so easy to answer. It’s Oshun, of course! When I got a Da’fa reading from my good friend and Babalawo, he said that Oshun was my mother. And since I moved to Palo from Ifa, my Congo mother is Chola Wengue, who is *similar* to Oshun, but she possesses different gifts. With Chola Wengue, you do not have to taste the honey offered. It was only Oshun who got her honey poisoned.

So yes, an amber scent she does love. The actual amber resin incense and the stone amber are attributed to her. The color she likes too.


I should be receiving my Lucero today. I am excited! I think things around here will start moving again. Also I’m getting a bottle of chamba! I love chamba. I DO know some ingredients in it, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s super super spicy, because my house is of Zarabanda (Most munansos are based with Zarabanda or Nsasi – or both)
and he likes very spicy things. It’s funny that it doesn’t trigger my GERD at all. I can’t explain it. No stomach problem and I have a few issues with my digestive system. Chamba itself is healing for me. And I had about maybe eight swigs of it. And now, alcohol doesn’t seem to effect my palate anymore. It doesn’t even burn. I got a free little bottle of Crown Royal on the plane coming home because the Seahawks won. I had it only with ice. I used to have to mix it with something.

Since I have work to do, I am dedicated. I may not post much the weeks I’m doing my work.


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