The Secret of Contacting Muertos/Muertas

I’m sure that most of you reading would like to know how to connect to the Dead or ancestors. There are many secrets to find out how to work with them and get your magic to work through them. The secret isn’t so secret, actually. The boveda (a Santeria ancestor altar) utilizes glasses of water on the table. I have discovered through six years of working with spirits intimately, that they have a few things that they want you to know before trying to “conjure them.”

A. The Spirits MUST have at least 5 glasses of water on the altar. Fresh from the tap (if yours is potable, if not, use spring water, NO distilled water, for it is dead) is the best that it comes. When setting up on the altar, the water should be set in a geometrical shape (circle, triangle, square, etc). Why water? It attracts spirits! It’s like a magnet for them. In Palo, we have the term “Kalunga” which means the vast dead. A virtual “sea” of Dead. Trust me, they are vast and can be connected with, rather easily, IF your mind is open to receive. What is the water for? You may think me insane. It is for the Dead to drink, not physically, but spiritually. For them to be quenched. Energy needs fuel. The Dead ARE energy, transformed, correct?

This is not a place to argue if spirits are real or fake. In a misa, people can get possessed by spirits. I’m a medium and I know I would likely have a jumping time at a misa!

B. Handmade Necromantic incense: There are various recipes out there, and none of them have been that great for calling on the Dead. My personal favorite is: Balm of Gilead, Siam Benzoin (NOT Sumatra), pinch of Myrrh, Dittany of Crete, Lavender, Rose petals. Clary Sage oil, Lavender oil, a couple drops of Ambergris (faux). If you don’t like that, just burn pure Copal.

People think you need nasty smelling concoctions to talk/common with the Dead. When dealing with spirits from grimiores. My Daemonic tradition makes use of some nasty concoctions, but it’s not needed for the Dead.

Babbling: If want to ward away the Dead, you may as well put salt out. They don’t dig salt at all. It’s a protective element. If you want to deal with the Dead, you have to be spiritually open – a portal. You can wear amulets to protect yourself, especially in a bad environment. Don’t bring out the salt unless your dealing with a nasty Dead. It won’t do anything to Daemons.

If you think this is the “light” version of “necromancy” then you are fucking wrong. I have had people tell me “You’re not dark enough.” Ah, bollocks! I’m plenty dark. My grandma used to call me her little “storm cloud.”

Some person was unhappy with my books because I wasn’t dark enough. How much darker do I have to be? A necrophiliac?

C: Ancestors: The ancestors are your family bloodline. They should always be honored – no question. And bring them things they liked when they were alive. I bring my mom tea and beer. Coffee and cigars for other relatives. I have five glasses of water, one bigger than the others. I have lapel pins and all sorts of other things. Since I’ve lost two children, they sit on my altar as cherubs. You can put all kinds of photos, but NONE with you other living people in them.

Since I have been opened to my forces, my connection is better. Especially with a ‘spirit guide’ I have. She’s protected me my whole life. A Congo woman, strong willed and willing to fight.

If I think of some more goodies for this post, I will add them. I’m tired. Time for bed.


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