Spirit Pots, magic, ancestors

zarabanda sigil – Zarabanda has many FIRMAS, not sigils. Yes, they are similar, but they don’t work the same way. And if you are a novice – DO NOT fuck with Zarabanda or you WILL get burned.

A growing interest in Spirit Pots is interesting, but it worries me at the same time. I know that not just *anyone* can build a pot and have it work for them. And if you go straight into building one, without maintaining a boveda/ancestor altar for at least six months, it’s guaranteed not to work at all. You need to spend time in a graveyard – but not stupidly. We were all teenagers, so put that phone away and only take pictures if you get the right feeling. I hate to say this but these young millennials or whippersnappers as I call them, think that oooh! I can do anything the internet says I can…right? It’s on youtube!…

If you don’t feel enough “evil” spouting out of me, go to E.A. Koetting with his arsenal of weapons and plenty of methamphetamine. Hopefully he can clean his life up, because what he’s doing is going to send him to prison. I don’t hate him – I just disagree with what he does and his book on Vodou was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. There are no hazel trees in Haiti. Why build a hazel wood altar for the Loa? Eh, well I won’t speak about it. My godfather couldn’t even read it. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Rumor is that he’s tried to get into Palo, but no one has let him in. I know the reason why. Hahahha. It’s his fucking annoying and presumptuous attitude. To get in, you have to follow the regla, keep by them, study the stories, the firmas, and other stuff that I can’t talk about.

Went into a rant somewhat there…Anyway, Spirit Pots are a whole system in itself. It really doesn’t have much to do with “hoodoo.” On this blog, I have instructed many times how to construct, consecrate and use the pot in this blog, just search “spirit pots” and you’ll find what you need.


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