I’m Happy

Even though I have some rough patches I’ve been going through presently, I’m led to follow my true path. It’s not an easy road ahead and it’s not going to be pretty. Nothing in life is really free. 

When my godfather sang the opening part of the ritual, it was like my body was gone. I felt ethereal – definitely real but with hazy recognition. When I hear the songs, it feels like I’ve known them hundreds of years.

I’m fully aware that the rayamiento (scratching) is a pretty tearing ritual. It’s long but I ain’t got nothing to be afraid of. It’s s lot of work and family lost at times.

Even though I get hits on my Etsy store, rarely do people want what I’ve listed, so I’m going to leave my stuff posted but I generally – but like most have done- just contact me at my email address: disirdevi@hotmail.com.

My specialty is custom work anyways!!!


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