Constant Commentary

Ah. Something new I have to get used to! A constant commentary from one of my particular spirits. She was quiet for a long time. I wasn’t as successful talking to her and having an answer before this opening I have had. Some interesting things happened over the weekend. Not only is my spirit talking, my mother came through and demanded beer and smokes! So I went shopping and got her favorite cigarettes (as close as I could get, I don’t think they make them anymore) and a Coors Light. I also got in touch with what I believe to be my Native American tribe.

I will describe one of my closest spirits a little bit. My godfather was divining, finding my court of spirits, and it took awhile for him to tell what kind of spirit she was. I can’t really describe her here, but shes a Congo spirit.

I just got home from seeing my godfather a few days ago. I already mentioned I got cleansed and put on point. I didn’t expect the cleansing to actually purge just about everything out of me, quite literally. Let’s just say, chamba is freaking wicked! Hot and spicy, and something you can’t put your finger on.

I learned so much about my rama. Not everything of course. Basics. It is absolutely fascinating. True Mayombe. My house is focused on the spiritual side of Palo. Very much so. It’s about elevating the Dead and many other things. My spirit introduced herself by name. I looked it up on the internet and there are several meanings. It is on the Kalabarian Library, and it’s also in Finnish, but it’s a male name. My spirit is female. There is a page about the meaning of my spirits name. It’s not common. Very unusual.

So, now I have this constant spirit who makes me get all kinds of visions, ideas and the like. She has always been here, but not as loud. It’s like my cleansing opened up everything. And my godfather said I’d feel strange for about a week or so. Definitely right about that.

Well, I need to get moving!


2 thoughts on “Constant Commentary

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  1. Better get your Mum her cigarettes and her beer.
    I’m happy to hear that your practice is going so well!
    Also that you know whom your spirit is as well.☺
    Blessings & love Caz. Xo


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