Spiritual Opening

Since I have now met my godfather in Palo, and been cleansed an on point, I feel a certain sense of spiritual opening. They KNOW me now. It feels so much different than I’ve ever felt before. I am not focused on worrying about scratching because when it does happen, I’ll be a full fledged Yaya. 

My first taste of chamba was interesting, but I handled it well. I imagine some people couldn’t take it. I only know some ingredients but you don’t really don’t wanna think about it. Trust me.

I’m getting my Lucero in the mail since mine is special. Airport wouldn’t like him. I know he’ll be awesome.

The only thing I may have trouble with is animal sacrifice, just locating and handling the animals. Not the actual sacrifice itself.

I also learned a lot about the Daemonic tradition my godfather practices. It’s complicated! If I wrote about it, it would blow the other traditions out of the water! Forget daemon worship, forget giving daemons blood.

Well, I’m done now cos I’m writing this on my iPhone.


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  1. I’m really glad that you had such a great experience! I must admit that I don’t like animal sacrifice at all but each to their own.
    The Daemonic practices sound very interesting to me that’s for sure.Im really happy for you.😀
    Blessings Caz. Xo


    1. Animal sacrifice is something that’s going to take time with me. I don’t know when to do it. I feel that now that I am cleansed and on point, I’m not as anxious about things. I know now that the Kimpungulu are listening for sure, that’s been verified. Doing work with them and giving them payment is simple, and my godfather says the sacrifices do not have to be very often. Once or twice a year, unless you’re working a lot. I’m not too worried. I’ll have to start very small. Since I’m not scratched, I don’t need to sacrifice. But I do give other offerings often. And it works. So I’m happy where I am right now, I know in time, I will be initiated. I’m getting my Lucero this week (if he is dry!), which is something that some ngueyo’s (child of the spirits, basic scratching) don’t get for awhile. I’ll be scratched as a Yaya Nkisi.

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  2. I can understand why animal sacrifice will take you some time!!!. I’m ok with using my own blood when it’s really needed in only very serious ritual and spell workings. I’m glad your Godfather says that you only have to sacrifice twice a year. I’m sure you will do it far more humanely than I’ve seen on YouTube where the animals really suffered.
    I bet that you can’t wait to get your Lucero this week!😀😊😍
    As for me I’m heartbroken as my fav artist David Bowie is dead!😳😢😭
    Ever since the news was announced I’ve been burning a huge white candle for him. I am heartbroken and it also makes me realize that my own mortality is just around the corner too. He was only 69 and these days that’s not very old anymore.
    Have you heard and seen his last song and/or album to the world? There are so many occult references on Blackstar that’s for sure. Just check out the film clip and you will see what I mean. I’m so so sad. Nobody can ever replace Bowie. Sry to go off topic but I know that you appreciate good music and the older artists too.
    I’m glad that your so happy with everything! Wish that I felt the same.
    I honestly had no idea that Bowie’s death would affect me so deeply. Just as if he were a member of my family. But then again to me he almost is as his music has always been a big part of my life since 1977 when I bought my first album, Diamond Dogs until today, Blackstar 2015.
    All the best Jen and I hope that you can get scratched soon too!😀
    Blessings & love, Caz. xo ⭐️🌙✨


    1. In Palo, some practitioners are rough with the animals. But a lot of times, if the animal wasn’t used for cleansing purposes, it gets eaten, if it’s a rooster especially.

      I know how you feel about David Bowie. I feel heartbroken. He was my inspiration as a teenager. He was always super cool and I wanted that coolness for myself. I have a lot of his music (cds I bought as a teen). I read as many books as I could find about him, even his ex-wife’s books. I wanted to be like him. The ability to change myself, like an upgrade. I’m sure that he is at peace, and with his family. Such an incredible man with so many talents. I did cry when I found out. At first I thought it was a hoax! I’ll sure miss him. ❤


  3. Im glad to know that not all Palo practitioners are as rough on their animals as they have feelings too!
    I thought that you’d be upset about Bowie as well. He was the ultimate chameleon and being cool was for him so easy and always a part of his latest persona.
    I’m sure that he’s at peace also. Its just so hard for my mind to accept that he’s no longer in this mortal realm. I’ve been playing his music non stop as well as watching so many of his brilliant video clips as well. RIP DAVID BOWIE & know that we will miss you so very, very much!!!
    Take care,
    Blessings Caz. Xo


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