Palo Initiation Fund

Ahh! I’m working hard the last couple of days! Doing lots of things, making oils, advising people. I think one of the best things I get is feedback from people who I work with. I need to get them to write more reviews. People call me professional, reliable, powerful, and helpful. I do like that. 🙂

I can’t believe how fast Zarabanda found me some work. It’s some charity work right now. So, I need some proper jobs that I’ll be paid for to go to my Palo initiation fund. I just got an Indiegogo donation fund going.

This may come up as a broken link. Someone did donate, so it can’t be that hard. 🙂 I appreciate anyone who contributes, even if it’s $1.00. Initiation costs are pretty steep.

But Zarabanda doesn’t fool around when it comes to giving me jobs! If you’d rather not donate, I’ll do paid work for you. Magical work, readings and such.

Palo Mayombe is in my heart and soul. I belong there. I’m working so hard for it. Help me get there faster! 🙂

Thanks for reading. And please know, I am not a cash hog. I intend on spending every cent on my initiation!!! And after initiation – I will be helping A LOT more people!


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