Open For Magic and Readings

I’m open for magic and readings. My last job ended. I can’t afford to do any free rituals. Prices on magic are negotiable!!!

Readings: Orisha Tarot: $25, including chamalongos for an extra five bucks. That means you can ask 10 yes/no questions of the spirits. Just chamalongos: $10 for 10 questions.

Daemonic readings are going up in price. I work with Daemons but at a different level than Demonolators and Traditional Satanists. The reason why the prices are going up? It’s very taxing on me to do these readings, I go into ascension, and call upon them in my astral temple, or I cast a Daemonic circle for more information.

I have still been using regular Demonolatry protocols with the Daemons, but that is changing when I learn techniques from my godfather. What I find out during the Daemonic readings, people usually are very happy with the price I charge! A ton of other assholes are charging more. Let’s see, I find out which Daemons are in your life right now, what they want to teach you, who your patron/matron could be, if they want to notify you.

The Daemonic reading is $50.

I know it seems steep, but it’s worth it.


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