Resolutions? Nah.

Well, I thought this would be an interesting post, but I just realized that everyone is going to be doing “last shit of the year” blah blah.

And I don’t normally think of New Years resolutions because I’m usually bored so much that there’s no point. I look at my “Honeymoon” red nails…oh we know what that means..why can’t I type something interesting?


I want less bollocks this year. Not sure if that will work because the world is full of wankers. I do want to try to begin writing another book if possible. See, I’m not what they call a author, I’m a simple writer. The fact that my books sell on Lulu doesn’t mean AUTHOR! I didn’t go to college and major in English. In fact, I’ve only been to trade schools, but I’m well trained in CPR, first aid, and phlebotomy. A lot of help that is to me now.

Social security sucks. My dad did his will, and set up his cremation. I can’t be the Executor of his will because I’ll lose Social security. So, that goes to my brother. My dad isn’t a bit sick, but he can’t move or walk anymore because of excruciating pain. I’m afraid he may end his life prematurely. I have Santisima Muerte watch him, we made an agreement.

I want my training to continue. I’m sure it will. I’m still saving money for my initiation. I thought that would be a goal this year but it turned out not happening.

I just hope this next year doesn’t become shitty.


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