Things change…

I do love botanicas..but things have changed. Some things are useful. The baths and floor washes are cheap crap. I’d say the candles, amulets, jewelry, talismans, are alright. The colognes are fine. Holy water is fine.

If I have a bath wash from a botanica, I pray on it. More of a chance of working. Most of the plants look the same for each mixture though. If you want to be SURE that your bath works – make them yourself. Go out, buy the herbs and boil them.

I honestly can’t say anything about other people’s stuff on Etsy. I’ve run across some good products and I run across some crap. I had an Elegua oil that realllllyyy sucked. All of the herbs were from some Wiccan book.

I can guarantee that my products are good. I have an ethical reason to make my products affordable, accessible and powerful, and I don’t rip people off.

I know that the secret of most cheap botanica’s is the “placebo effect.” People believe in the product, so it works. But there could be more to it, depending if you are a person who has latent magical power.

I just learned about the power of the Selenite. This stone makes me feel good. It has many spiritual qualities. It removes blockages (road opening). Selenite is used to cleanse the aura of any unwanted energies and severs harmful connections to the Chakras. Selenite also absorbs stress and negativity. It gets rid of my bad moods and makes me more stable. When I wear it, it makes me feel luminescent. It’s such a powerful stone. The same is inspired by Selene, the moon goddess. 🙂

I just got my Chrysophrase scarab ring! So cool!

Well, that’s the end of this post.


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