Random Ramblings: Woot!

My magic is going well, better than I thought. Things are moving along, but a bit on the slow side. I’m speeding up the VA as best as I can. We have about a month of waiting. I wish I could speed it up even more. It takes work with Mama Chola. She has been great and so has Zarabanda and Cobayende. Love them all!

Well, I guess I’m not going to get initiated as a Espiritista right now. My godfather is having trouble with people’s schedules. I don’t have to be initiated anyway but I will be later on. At this point, I’m going to my godfather’s place on January 8 and I’ll be there for a few days. It will be a smashing, wonderful time. I get my Lucero, my new shells plus I’ll find out how to build a ‘black table’ for Goetic workings. šŸ™‚ The Daemonic information is going to be fucking awesome. I better take a note book with me to write things down! We are doing Palo ritual when I’m there too. Sounds exciting!



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