A glance into my client work

I’m just offering a glance into how I do work for others. I’ve probably explained this already, but I wanted to be more direct.

Here’s the process. Contact me by email, PM, chat, etc. I want to know your situation, why you want magic – what is your goal, etc. Then I ask the spirits if I am allowed to work with you. If they say yes, we will move on. If not, I’ll tell you to find another worker. I won’t do work if the spirits are against it.

Then I will assess the situation. I will need your personal information – name, birth date, time of birth, place of birth. I use this information to individualize the work. I can look into your astrological chart and personalize what I’m going to do, just for you. I also ask for a taglock. A taglock is something that belongs to you or the person your trying to do work on. Hair, nails, blood on a napkin, etc. Pictures work too, but they aren’t as effective.

I will begin your work on the appropriate day. If the moon cycle is waning or dark, it doesn’t affect my magic. It still works just as well. What I usually work on is Planetary hours. I work for you for 2 weeks to 1 month. Ritual takes place daily for about an hour or so.

My services are worth the price. Most of my clients have been happy with the results.

I keep you updated on the work as well – I take photographs of the altars in progress with your work; I check in with you and how you’re doing. I do divination of your work and offerings are required for the forces I work with (you may have to give them as well). I work with the Kimpungulu, it all depends on which one. They are singularly known as mpungo. They are the forces in my religion, Palo Mayombe. Note: I’m still a STUDENT and under my godfather, so I may have to get advice from him. But I’m usually right when I come to him and ask my question. I can be a Palera right now, but I don’t have the money for initiation.

Readings have specific prices. Magical work is negotiable in price.

Here are rules, policies, etc.

http://wp.me/p64UNH-7S -Read this main policy page
http://wp.me/p64UNH-hj – Regarding readings/payment


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