Studying, bullshitting, whatever

I’m in reading mode again, finally. It took about a year to get back to reading. I go into weird phases where I read a shitload, then stop. I still read, but not books. I’m into The Hobbit right now. First time reading it. Much better than the film. I also am picking up my lovely occult/esoteric collection that has taken over a 6′ tower bookshelf. Plus three other smaller ones. Plus my cupboard full of fiction. I don’t read much of that. LOL. “Just the facts, Ma’am.” (Jack Webb, as Sgt. Joe Friday, “Dragnet”)

Sitting here, just thinking. Trying to figure out more ways to elevate my work. There are some things I can do to make it better. Right now, I’m still flying by the seat of my pants. I need to get grounded. Best way to do that is to meditate with my ancestors, I think. I always work with them and honor them, but I need to do more. A focused meditation would be a good way to go.

Yeah, last night I was reading that Necromancy book by Martin Coleman. It’s not too biased, but I find his techniques and the writing style a bit dull. It’s just the ‘modern day magician’ tripe. Not for me! My methods are tested by ME, have been doing them for almost six years. I manifested Necrosophy and Spirit Pots in MY vision. I truly don’t know if there’s anyone else out there similar to me. I have lots of friends on Facebook, but I don’t know if there is anyone like me. I’m unique. Some people who meet me think I’m too quiet and negative. Some people have said I’m very cheerful and jovial. So, it all depends! I’m very professional with my clients. Emotions do not get involved in the same way some other workers do. I’m able to be sensitive and compassionate, but not cloying. I don’t ask for money constantly either. People usually are kind of surprised that I don’t grab money here and there and everywhere.

I’m a little pissed about wasting time, energy, and magic on some products I made for a client that only gave me $20, then turns around and says I’m acting confusing (when I wasn’t). I still expected some payment, I sent the product out. Later she did not pay me and said she’d throw everything away. That made me tiffed. I accept it as a cheap loss. I don’t care much about the products or the money. I don’t like being treated the way I was treated. I won’t get into details here.

Anyhoo, I have been working a lot. I have to go to the dollar store every couple of weeks to keep my stock of colored and white candles. I just get basic colors. Red, yellow, blue, green, and white. I order black. These are all 7 day candles. I really like using those – once you get used to them, they are great. Then when you can read the candle omens, they are even better. Taper candles make awesome omen candles too. I had a Cobayende candle that looks like a man on one leg. Who is Cobayende? A mpungo of disability, healing, diseases, etc. He’s known as Babalu Aye in Santeria or St. Lazarus. Do I have a picture to prove it? Yes. Here it is.


Later readers. 🙂


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