Some of my policies

I have to explain some of my of “Working Magic for your Goal” policies here on my blog, and an experience I had with a client.

I’ve gone over my policies on Etsy very well. One that I’ve updated is there is no phone, no text readings. You can get in touch with me by texting, like answering general questions, ones that I don’t need divination for. I do normal phone calls too, advice being given, but NO readings of any kind. Readings are written by email only, then questions can be asked via phone or text. I just recently decided that there will be no more chamalongo readings (yes/no) over the phone. Sorry.

The other issue…about working with me. At the moment you pay me, I’m working with you. It doesn’t have to be total payment. It HAS to be PAYPAL ONLY, no Western Union, personal checks, or money orders accepted. One of my clients was very confused about whether I was working with them. I was until I said no more. I did send product, even though the employment was terminated. They said they wouldn’t pay me. I did not care, I didn’t want the money. They said that I must be working with them because I made products for them. No, I’m not. I just made some things for them to use, to get clean and balanced. I gave those things to them because I was being kind. Not for money. They got all confused and ruffled.

I’m just trying to be clear. Pay me – You are my client.


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